Jennifer Alvey, J.D.
Career Transition and Life Coach

What are your career dreams? I can help you get there.

Hell, there are no rules here—we're trying to accomplish something.
Thomas Edison

Are you unhappy, even miserable in your work? Do you long for something that feeds your soul as well as your bank account? You can find that work. It really does exist. I can help.

Who am I? I’m a recovering lawyer who’s been there, done that, and gotten the related apparel items. I left practicing at BigLaw as a mid-level associate, after finally realizing that the problem wasn't a specific firm, but what I was doing with my life. Since then, I’ve found out the amazing, positive difference it makes to have work in your life that matches your uniqueness. You can, too.

My job is to help you get moving and keep moving in the direction that is genuinely yours. In other words, to get you unstuck. That’s what coaching is about—creating forward motion toward your goals, dreams and aspirations.

What are some of your wildest, biggest dreams? I'd love to hear about them and help you reach them.
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